Tonight I succeeded in figuring out how to force a link to open in a new tab in the browser, rather than in the same tab. I had previously asked how to do this at the smallpicture-web support site and in the comments to some Fargo River postings. But no one had revealed the secret to me. I'm no programmer, just a Fargo user. Perhaps the answer was too obvious to those who are programmers, so no one bothered to answer.

No problem. I finally figured out how to do it on my own! I decided to try just using the standard html for a link with a target attribute of target="_blank". I didn't use the suitcase to enter the link and target attribute. I just plopped it onto a line, indented under a header line.

I found out how to do that at the website, on its page about HTML Links, section titled HTML Links - The target Attribute. I literally just copied the example they gave and plopped it into my outline, saved it, reloaded my webpage, clicked on the link that appeared and it opened up their website in a new tab. I'll do it right here so you can see:

Visit W3Schools!

See, that works, opening their website in a new tab. So I now had the format that works! Then I adjusted it with some links to my own content, but still using that same target attribute of target="_blank". They worked too.

The page that told me how to do it is here:

HTML Links

So finally I am on my way. I can start populating my Fargo website with links to my writings, but with links that open in a new browser tab. The first two I put in are at the bottom of the Bob Dylan section of the Writing menu; one about a Dylan mural and the other about a review of his Tempest album, both of which were originally posted to Facebook.

Maybe that's not how you're 'sposed to do it in Fargo. But it works. So I posted it here, in case there are other Fargo users who are as clueless as I was.


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