Today Andy DeSoto helped me a lot by revealing how to get a picture to appear in my Fargo outline. As a result, I now have my picture on the About page. It's one that Paula snapped in the truck one day, as we were stopping along the way to get pictures of the birds of Chianat, Thailand. Between birds she took three seconds to snap one of me and it turned out very nice. The thing I like about it is that a stranger could look at it and imagine a huge pile of curly hair on top of my head.

Inspired by that, I then added a number of links to the Music menu, including videos of performances by Bob Dylan, Patti Smith, Leonard Cohen, and others. In the Writing menu, I added a number of pieces I've written about Bob Dylan's music, including the one that was published in book form in 2011.

These links all open in the same browser tab. In the browser, one can ask for any of them to be opened in a new tab (right click and select), but I would prefer the default to be to have the links automatically open in a new tab. But I haven't figured out how to do that yet.

There's a lot more to be done, but this is good progress for now.


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