My next baby step with Fargo, accomplished today, was to get a preliminary About page working, largely by copying much of what dave2 did in his Fargo outline. The key was to set the attributes for the About item, as described by dave2 in his blog posting of 7/12/2013, [type = outline, name = About, flDisqusComments = false]. I was unable to get a picture embedded on the page, as dave2 was able to do. For now I just have a link to an image on dropbox and will have to look into how to get the image properly embedded on the page.

I have default listed as an item directly under #menus. This may be a mistake, as a Dave Winer comment in his blog posting (of 7/12/2013; 8:37:02 AM) suggests that this might limit me to only one menu. I want many menus in many vertical tabs, so I will need to sort out what I should be doing, instead of default.

Once I figure out how to get menus working under other vertical tabs, then I will begin filling up the outline with a lot of content, bringing together links to things I have written and posted on websites scattered all over the Internet. The hope is to be able to make this the central repository of the best content I have contributed to the Internet, which is now scattered in many places; four of my own blogs, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, and others. This will be a convenience to me, giving me one place to look for content that I value the most, and perhaps there will be others who find some of this content of interest or use.


07/14/13; 10:26AM

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By Ron Chester, Sunday, July 14, 2013 at 10:26 AM.